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What You Need to Know as a Buyer

There are many things to consider when purchasing property in Mammoth and the surrounding area. This is a mountain environment with extreme weather conditions and circumstances that most people would never have to consider in other areas and climates. It is especially important to have a real estate agent with local experience to represent your interests when you are the buyer. Most buyers are purchasing second homes and can truly utilize the efforts of an agent who knows how to get the transaction completed in an organized and timely manner.



Choosing the right agent to assist you in finding the right property can be the most important factor in locating your vacation home or property in Mammoth and the Eastern Sierra. You need an agent who is knowledgeable, experienced, and who is committed to your success. My goal is to be there for you through the entire process, until you are enjoying the home that is perfect for you.

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There are a number of considerations that include location, size, price, usage (if it is a condo and you plan to rent it), HOA dues, etc. When I set up your criteria in the MLS for e-mail updates, it helps to save time by eliminating the properties that are not suitable for your purposes.

If you are familiar with the area and know where you would like to own property, it is a good thing. However, often I find that prospective buyers are not really that familiar with all of the options. I enjoy touring Mammoth’s various neighborhoods with those clients to share my knowledge and personal experience. They are then better able to select an appropriate location on which to focus their search.  There is a vast difference between Canyon Lodge condos and Snowcreek, for example. During the summer months, I specialize in Bridgeport and Twin Lakes properties.

The next step is to view those properties that are of interest and are appropriate. Once a property is located and there is an offer, I handle the paperwork and negotiate a price that is in the best interest of my clients. When the offer is accepted, we open escrow and move forward with the transaction.



For buyers, one of the most important attributes a real estate agent can possess, is excellent negotiating skills! It is key to a successful and positive outcome. It is important to choose an agent who has experience and expertise in negotiating real estate transactions to help assure buyers that they will achieve the best possible price for their purchase. It is my practice to inform my buyers of current comparable sales statistics and local market trends so they will make an informed decision when offering on a property. It is my responsibility and duty to provide my buyers with every tool, possible, to achieve success when entering into and throughout the buying process. I promise to use every negotiating skill I have acquired, on behalf of my clients, to produce the results they expect and deserve.



It is important to speak with a lender to obtain a pre-approval letter prior to submitting an offer. It will help you to establish your price range, therefore, saving time. You may refer to the “Services” page for a list of local lenders who are experienced and very familiar with the local market. They are happy to assist you. I work closely with the lender throughout the escrow process.



I always recommend that you have a professional home inspection. This will alert you to any existing or potential problems and allow you to request that anything major be corrected. The three items that we consider important are “safety, systems and structure”. Most of the condos in Mammoth were built during the 70s and, with older properties, we expect normal wear and aging. It is always best to focus on those three most important items. You may refer to “Services” for a list of inspection companies that will perform a detailed and professional home inspection. Again, I will be available to coordinate the inspection and provide access to the property, answer questions and provide any information they may need to complete their report.  When the report is received, I will be available to review the report with you and answer any questions you may have and to follow-up accordingly with the sellers’ agent.



During the loan and process an appraisal will be required. I will work with the appraiser in terms of accessing the property and providing any information they may request. The appraisal is essential in determining the value of the property. The “Services” page on this site contains a list of local appraisal companies in the case that the lender is out of the area and needs a local appraiser.



The escrow company is a neutral third party who handles the documents during the transfer of real property. They handle the funds, order HOA documents, provide title reports and function, per specific instructions, from the buyer and the seller regarding disbursement of funds, etc. During this time, I work closely with the escrow officer to obtain all of the paperwork necessary to complete the transaction. I obtain signatures on disclosures and all documents that are required to complete the sale. I coordinate with the listing agent to obtain all of the documentation that is required from the seller to be sure the process goes smoothly and the escrow closes as planned. When issues arise, I am here to follow-through to resolve any problem or situation. Most often a transaction will require long-distance communication as most buyers’ and sellers’ primary residences are elsewhere. During the entire process, I am working for my buyer with his or her best interest as my focus and responsibility.

Your real estate agent should be qualified and willing to follow-up on every aspect of the entire process, locating the correct property for you and then coordinating and facilitating the transaction. I am experienced in the process and find it personally satisfying to know that I helped to make it possible for my clients to achieve a successful purchase. Often, my clients become personal friends! I am very honored to have their appreciation and trust, and to know that I served them well.

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